The Plan

“Cycle Freo is working towards designing, building and maintaining a bike sharing system in and around the City of Fremantle.”

What is a Bike Sharing?

In the context of Cycle Freo bike sharing will have drop off and pick up points in strategic locations around the City of Fremantle. These would be dependent on the level of pedestrian traffic and the tourist popularity of the location.

This system requires customers to register their credit card (online or at bike rack terminals) and have a certain amount debited from their account, every time they take out a bike a certain amount is deducted from their balance.

A centre point could be established (possibly Fremantle Leisure Centre due to existing infrastructure) where commuters who bike into the city can lock up their bikes, shower and then use one of the local bikes to continue to the drop off point closest to their work.

We are currently determining the best location for bike stations, this involves community, business and government collaboration.

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