Cycle Freo’s Goal is to:

“Design, build and maintain a sustainable inner city bike network (bike sharing) solution for the City of Fremantle with the ultimate focus solving key social problems through a social business structure”

Fremantle is an ideal location to have a dedicated bike network in-line with those in Barcelona and other bike capitals of the world due to:

  • Large numbers of tourists
  • Environmentally conscious residents
  • Forward looking green policies and ambitions


The objectives of Cycle Freo are to:

  • Provide an inexpensive and green form of transport for local residents
  • Provide a fun / family friendly way for visitors and tourists to explore Fremantle
  • Create a self sustaining network that gives back to the community
  • Use a social business structure in order to solve social issues in (and around) Fremantle

To achieve these objectives Cycle Freo will require a unique combination of Private Investment, Government Investment, Partnerships and Advertising.

You can see our current Partners HERE.

You can find out more about Social Business HERE.